NATE National Association of Tower Erectors

For 21 years, the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) has been the undisputed global leader in safety, standards and education for the wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure industries.

The Association’s diverse membership, comprised of contractor companies, engineering firms, wireless carriers, tower owner/vertical realtors, public safety entities, equipment manufacturers, structural manufacturers, distributors and training firms, are the backbone of the communications infrastructure industry. The network upgrades and broadband deployments NATE member companies perform on a daily basis are having a transformational impact on industries as diverse as health care, financial services, higher education, agriculture, energy, aviation, utilities, public safety, government and the military.

The NATE Climber Connection safety videos are great safety resources for the industry to utilize. The practical safety tips featured in the videos serve as a great resource to the industry’s workforce and ultimately ensure they return home safely each and every night. The Climber Connection videos can be viewed on NATE’s YouTube channel accessible at the following website links:

Visit the website links below to view the latest NATE Climber Connection videos:

Climber Connection Teaser Video

PPE Inspection Video

100% Tie-Off Video

Capstan Hoist & Rigging Safety Video

Professionalism Video

Tower Inspection Video

Gravity Video

Weather Conditions Video

RF & Antenna ID Video

Night Climbing Video

Anchor Corrosion Video