We are interested in your INPUT.

Do you have network architecture, business models and action plans that address solutions in our 8 markets and 4 elements model?

One of our goals is to act as the repository of the best information on our core technologies and how it can be applied in our Connected City model.


The individual technology pages are being developed for release beginning September 1, 2016.

Each page will include information such as:

Key Applications and Drivers by Market

Manufacturers, Providers, and Integrators

Primary Technology Architecture

Potential Disruptive

Roadmap to the Future



We’ve seen a pretty strong response to the concept so please be patient with us.

Our goal is to contact everyone that makes a submission within 14 days.


Dense Networks is about People and Teams exchanging ideas and creating solutions.

Brands are secondary to Ideas.


We Focus on the Key Technological Drivers of Change in the Smart City.

Our Value is in the Business Models, Technological, Architectures and Action Plans we

Identify, Nurture, and Disseminate.

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Use Cases

Data Center Power Guide Emerson

Use Case


5G and Power Consumption


AC vs. DC


UPS Systems Titan


Lithium ION Battery Dangers


Delta Data Center Crash Power Issue


What & How

AC vs PC Power Distribution

What & How

Data Center Power

What & How

How a UPS Works

What & How

Understanding Electricity

What & How

What are Volts, Ohms, Amps

What & How

What Happens During a Power Outage

What & How

How UPS prevents Data Center Down Time

What & How